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3 Alzheimer’s Care Tips to Reduce Stress For Family Caregivers

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If you’ve been supporting your elderly mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, for some time, you understand how stressful and difficult this can be. You don’t need anyone to tell you. You don’t need to read about the struggle in some article you found online. What you need are real, actionable steps that can help you deal with the stress you’re experiencing while caring for your mother.

1. Remember to put yourself and your care first.

What’s going to happen if you burn yourself out? What will happen if you suffer a major health issue and have to spend a few days in the hospital? Perhaps even more, or a number of weeks recovering from pneumonia?

Who is going to help your mother then? Maybe another sibling? Perhaps your spouse? Maybe your father? Stepfather? A friend?

Suddenly, you find you’re putting yourself and that aging senior you support at risk because you’re burning yourself completely out and exposing yourself to an increased risk of serious health issues. Having the option of an Alzheimer’s care provider is an excellent source of support.

Never underestimate the impact that stress can have on your life and your health. You still need to put yourself and your care first. If you don’t, you could find yourself in a frightening situation that will make it extremely difficult for the person you love as they deal with Alzheimer’s and the increasing memory loss that comes with it.

2. Talk to someone about what you’re experiencing.

Whether it’s your feelings, frustrations, doubts, health, or anything else, sit down and talk to somebody. It’s going to help you immensely. Listen to what an experienced individual has to say.

Find a good support group of other family caregivers, especially those whose parents or other loved ones are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia. You will find a great deal of advice, tips, and extra support through these outlets and avenues.

3. Discuss in-home Alzheimer’s care.

Seniors often prefer to remain home, if at all possible. That goes for those with Alzheimer’s, too. It may not seem practical, especially as the disease progresses and memory loss increases, but with experienced in-home care, it is possible.

Memory care is crucial, especially during the early months after somebody is diagnosed, but the right support with experienced caregivers can make a world of difference for those who are going through this devastating disease.

When you put yourself and your care first, have an outlet to talk about your frustrations, doubts, or ask questions, and when you turn to in-home Alzheimer’s care to supplement the support you offer, you will find that stress starts to diminish in your life. Your mother (or other senior loved one) who has Alzheimer’s is going through a difficult time, but so are you.

So long as you take care of yourself and recognize the value of in-home care support to assist in the process, you’ll be on your way to handling the situation more positively and effectively.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring Alzheimer’s Care in Portland, OR, please contact the caring staff at Integrity In-Home Care. Call today at (503) 660-3755.