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Benefits of Having Cats for Seniors

Pets for Seniors: Senior Home Care Portland OR

When your senior chooses to age in place, it can feel like the end of the world because you’ll be worried about them. You may also be scrambling to figure out who you will care for your loved one, which could stress you out. How are you supposed to manage their routines or be there for every meal when you work? How can you provide companionship while having your own kids and working full-time?

These are all questions many adult children face when they hear their loved one wants to age in place instead of retiring to a nursing home. Luckily, senior home care is widely available now and can help your loved one thrive in place; on top of that, your loved one can adopt a pet that will have many positive mental health benefits for your senior. Here are the reasons why cats may make the best pet for your elderly loved one who wants to age in place.

Cats Provide Companionship

One of the best things about any pet is their best companionship. Cats can help provide a friend and reduce loneliness as well as isolation. Both of these can have a huge impact on mental health. Isolation can lead to depression, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness, which further contribute to declining overall well-being.

Regular social interaction and engagement are crucial for seniors to maintain their health, emotional resilience, and quality of life.

Cats Are Independent

A cat is a great option if your senior doesn’t want a dog because they are tons of work. A cat doesn’t need constant walks or times outside and doesn’t whine as much as a dog. Cats are the perfect pet for seniors who want a loving and knowing companion but one that can be on its own for a little longer than a dog. This is the perfect pet if your senior is still going out to do things or is having senior home care help care for this animal.

Before buying any pet, you should evaluate what your senior is willing to do and what they are not. If they can care for the pet and only need senior home care for light cleaning, cats can be the perfect option.

These Pets Provide Routine

One of the best things your seniors can do is stick to a routine. Not only will this routine help them thrive as they age in place, it is also great for animals. Most mammals are creatures of habit, and a cat will love having a solid routine. Cats will have a feeding schedule and want their potty box cleaned regularly. So, if your senior needs to feel responsible for a routine, it’s time to look into getting a cat.

They Are Fiercely Independent

Cats are the best for people who don’t want to baby an animal. Dogs need a lot, but cats are fiercely independent and will stick to their own schedule. This is especially true for older cats, which may be the best option for seniors. They are also great for smaller spaces because they need less space than dogs. For these reasons, finding the right cat for your loved one can be best.

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