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How Do You Buy Shoes to Prevent Falls for the Elderly?

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With all of the different precautions you and your aging adult can take to help her avoid falling, one of the most important tools could be her own shoes. Shoes that fit well and that have a sturdy sole could keep your senior on her feet if starts to feel unstable.

Caregiver in Beaverton UT

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Get Her Feet Measured Every Time You Buy New Shoes

It’s a really common misconception that a person’s feet stay the same size, no matter what. Your senior’s feet can change size over the years. She might even notice that they’re fractionally bigger or smaller at different times of day. Every single time that you and your senior go to get new shoes, make sure that you’re having her feat properly measured so that you get the proper size.

Be Prepared to Try Them Out

Definitely, you want your senior to try on her shoes before buying them, but it’s more complex than simply trying them on. Make sure that you bring the socks that your senior is most likely to wear with the shoes. If she uses orthotic inserts or insoles, make sure that you bring those along. Trying on the shoes the way that your elderly family member is going to wear them ensures that they’re a perfect fit.

Have Her Walk for a Bit

It’s one thing to stand up in a new pair of shoes and take a few test steps, but that doesn’t give you a full picture. When your aging adult can walk around for a few minutes, she can get a better idea how well the shoes work for her. You can also watch how she walks in the shoes and ensure that they give her a solid, stable foundation.

Ask Her How the Shoes Feel

These might be the perfect shoes for your aging family member as far as fit, style, and what you can see go. But if they don’t feel right to her, then these still aren’t the right shoes for her. Shoe shopping isn’t always fun or easy, but it’s worth taking the time to do it right.

If there are shoes in your senior’s closet and home that aren’t safe for her any longer, set up a time to do a quick purge to get rid of them. That way when other family members and elder care providers are helping her to get ready, they’ll always have access to the right shoes without having to guess.

Excerpt: Your elderly family member’s shoes can actually be her first line of defense against potentially dangerous falls. Buying her the right shoes is the first step.

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