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Six Ways Scammers Gain Information About Your Mom

Caregiver in King City OR: Senior Scammer Tips

Scams are getting very convincing. It’s not surprising that seniors continue to fall for them.
Have you ever wondered how scammers get so much information on your mom? Do you wonder if there’s a way to stop it? Here is the information that can help you figure out how scammers have your mom’s information.

Websites That List Family Connections

If someone close to your mom is into genealogy, it’s quite possible that scammers have gotten a load of information that way. Any website with your family tree offers an abundance of information. Scammers can get information like your mom’s parents’ names, her brothers and sisters, and aunts and uncles.

This information can help the scammer provide enough details to be convincing. If the scammer is able to get information on grandchildren, it makes the grandparent scam easy to pull off. With names, they can use sites like to find age estimates, locations where they’ve lived, and phone numbers.


Social Media Sites

With names and locations in hand, scammers can check social media sites and search for information through photos or public on where that grandchild goes to college or is vacationing. If your mom has a Facebook account and doesn’t make it very private, she may be making it easy for scammers to learn a lot. This information helps them build the story for a successful scam.



How often does your mom fill out surveys? The results from surveys go into databases that people can buy. Information scammers can gain this way may include things like the car you drive, where you live, and how much money you make.


Public Information

A lot of information is available to the public and can make it easy for scammers to learn more about you. If you own a house, the value of your home is available through property tax records. Criminal records, bankruptcies, and tax liens are other records available to the public.


Discarded Mail

When your mom is getting rid of junk mail, does she toss it into her recyclables or does she shred it? If she doesn’t shred her bills, credit card offers, and other mail with account numbers or confirmation codes, she’s opening herself up to scammers.



After a family member’s death, an obituary that lists surviving family members can be a boon to scammers. They know there may be inheritance money coming up.


Scammers often use a seniors loneliness to keep them engaged and talking. If that could be your mom’s case, make sure she enjoys companionship throughout the week. Caregivers from a home care agency are great companions. Call a home care agency to discuss companionship services today.


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