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Does Your Senior Have COPD and Need More Help?

Caregiver in Oregon City OR: Senior COPD Tips


Your senior may still be an active and vibrant person, but COPD can change how she approaches life. You might not realize just how COPD steals her energy and her ability to do things, even normal daily activities. Understanding why and how she might need more help can get her what she needs.


It’s More Difficult to Breathe

Breathing problems can be one of the biggest symptoms of other difficulties for your senior. If she’s not able to breathe well, that affects every other aspect of her life. Serious trouble with breathing is something that you and she need to talk to her doctor about because there may be other issues at play.


She’s More Tired than Ever

It takes a lot of energy to fight to breathe. Then factor in all of the energy that regular daily activities require and your senior might find that she’s feeling a lot more tired than she ever has, even after a full night of sleep. As this goes on, your elderly family member may find that she’s feeling even more run down each day.


She’s in Pain More Often

Lots of people with COPD don’t realize that pain can be a big part of this chronic illness. There might be a great deal of pain in your senior’s lungs or chest area associated with the inflammation in her lungs. She may also experience pain in her chest if she’s coughing a lot, especially during an exacerbation.


She’s Battling Edema

Edema is frustratingly common for people with COPD. Swelling in the lower extremities, called edema, happens because your senior’s lungs and heart aren’t able to keep up with removing fluids from the lower parts of her body. This can also contribute to feelings of exhaustion because her entire body is working harder.


Her Rescue Inhaler Is Getting a Workout

When she’s not breathing well, your senior is more likely to be relying on her rescue inhaler more and more. If she doesn’t already use a rescue inhaler, now might be the time to add one to her medications. Your senior’s doctor can help her to determine if this might help.

Conservation of energy is a huge solution for your elderly family member. One of the best ways for her to conserve energy is for other people to handle tasks for her. Senior care providers are an excellent resource for both of you toward that goal.

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