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Tips for Thriving as a Caregiver

Caregiver in Tigard OR: Caregiver Thriving

While it might sometimes seem as though it’s not possible to have your own life or to enjoy what you’re doing and still be a caregiver, it’s entirely possible. You can thrive while taking care of your aging adult, even if her needs are demanding.

Don’t Avoid Things

When there’s a lot going on, it’s sometimes really tempting to avoid or ignore what isn’t palatable or easy. But you can’t avoid much, especially for long. Small issues have a tendency to grow much larger when you’re not facing them head-on. If there are medical issues, make sure you talk to your senior’s doctor. For anything else, map out a plan of action and take small steps.

You Don’t Have to Be Perfect

There’s a belief among caregivers that they have to do everything just right. But that’s not always possible. You’re human and you’re going to make mistakes. You’ve also got limitations that definitely factor in. If you can get away from feeling as if you have to strive for perfection, that’s going to do a lot for you.

Let People Know You Need Help

A close relative of the perfection problem is the fear of letting other people in your life know that you need help as a caregiver. You don’t need to hide that, though. Reach out to the people in your life and in your aging adult’s life and let them know how they can help you both the most. You’ll strengthen those relationships and you’ll get the help that you need.

Give up Some Control

You’re probably really used to making some tough decisions. You probably also have to manage a lot of tiny details very carefully, especially in terms of your senior’s health. This can all add up to some big control issues that can make it difficult for you to delegate to others. Take a deep breath and trust that everything is going to be okay.


Always Take Care of You

Above all, you have got to keep self-care in your line of sight. If you ignore self-care or if you think that you can put yourself last and still be fine, you’re going to be disappointed. You have got to take care of you or you cannot take care of someone else, period. You can’t fake that step.

Your mindset and the rules you set for yourself can help you to really thrive on your caregiving journey. That’s the best way to ensure that you and your aging adult get everything that you need and want from the experience.


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