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You Can Take a Vacation if You’re a Caregiver

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If you’ve told yourself or someone else that there’s no way that you can take any time away while you’re still a caregiver, you might be surprised. There are plenty of things you can do in order to take time for yourself. It might involve getting a little creative and letting go of some of your own expectations.


Time Away Is Vital

You probably can’t think of any situation in which you never get a break. Whether you think about work, parenthood, or any other situation, there are ways for you to take a break and to refresh yourself. The same has to be true with caregiving. If you’re not taking time away, you’re doing yourself and your senior a disservice.


Look at What Your Senior Needs

Get objective about what your elderly family member needs in terms of care. It’s possible that she will be better off than you think if you take a day or two away. For instance, stocking her fridge with healthy meals and having friends and neighbors check in with her can be what she really needs. But if she needs more comprehensive care, there might be other options.


Talk to Other Family Members

Other family members may not be able to do the full-time caregiving that you’re doing, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t help out on a temporary basis. They may be able to pool their efforts long enough for you to take some time away without leaving your elderly family member without assistance. This isn’t always possible, though.


Hire Respite Care Help

It’s also possible that your elderly family member needs more intricate types of help or someone who can bridge all the different gaps in coverage. That can be where elder care providers come in. They can take over your senior’s care, allowing you to have the time away that you need without sacrificing your senior’s health or safety. It’s worth looking into how elder care can help you and your senior to each meet very different needs.


The reality is that taking time away from caregiving will do both you and you’re senior some good both now and in the immediate future. If all you can do right now is to take an afternoon away, that can still help. But work your way up to taking a few days away so that you can really give yourself a chance to recharge.


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