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What Are Some of the Biggest Issues that Caregivers Face?

Caregivers in Portland

Family caregivers take a lot of challenges onto their own shoulders. Some of the bigger issues that they face can even make being a caregiver extremely difficult.



Caregivers in Portland
Caregivers in Portland: Give the Family Caregiver Some Rest.

Being a family caregiver is a full time job and often you don’t have anyone who can back you up. If that describes you, it’s time for you to look for another way to go about this caregiving journey. You need to be able to get the rest that you need, when you need it. For some caregivers, that means finding other family members who can fill in while for others that means having regular respite care in some form or another.

Lack of Resources

One of the hallmarks of being a family caregiver is that you often feel as if you have to do the impossible with very few resources. In some cases, you may have no resources at all. The first step is to talk to your loved one’s doctor to determine what resources he can point you toward. From there, branch out to all of the senior organizations in your area. There are more resources that can help you than you might realize.

Chronic Illnesses

Very few family caregivers are perfectly healthy themselves. If you have a chronic illness of your own, you know how difficult it can be to keep up with your own health as well as someone else’s. Make sure that you’re keeping up with your doctor’s appointments and whatever else you need to manage to keep your chronic health problems under better control.

Stress and Worry

It’s impossible not to worry about your elderly loved one. This is someone that you love and care about and her health and well-being is in your hands. This kind of stress can take a toll on you, however. Finding ways to reduce your stress and manage your worries is essential if you’re going to continue to be your loved one’s caregiver.

Dealing with some of these issues takes more than simply acknowledging them. Doing so can at least get you started on the path of finding a solution that helps you learn to manage the situation in the best way possible.

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