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Elder Care Easy Dinner Recipes for Seniors

Senior Nutrition: Elder Care Portland OR

It can be hard to come up with meals when you only cook for yourself. Finding recipes you can share with the whole family, even your senior loved one is even hard. It can be hard to find meals for everyone to enjoy and challenging for your loved one to eat alone.

If your senior mom or dad lives alone and hates cooking for themselves, this task can be done with the help of elder care. Here are some recipes that make a good meal for individuals living independently with elder care providers or something you could make for the whole family.

Chicken Broccoli Pasta

Seniors may not like red meat, and that’s okay, but they may still need to eat a certain amount of protein. Red meat can be too high in cholesterol for seniors and sometimes filled with too much sodium that not all seniors can eat. This is why chicken can be so great for your seniors to eat.

Chicken is low calorie, high protein, and filled with healthy vitamins and minerals your senior’s body may crave. This is a great recipe because you can make it in one pot, and it is super easy for elder care to prepare. It doesn’t take long to make this dish, and it can be great for leftovers too!

Salmon and Asparagus

If your senior needs more omega-3 fatty acids in their diet, fish is a good place to start. Believe it or not, your body does not naturally make omega-3 fatty acids, so you must get them from diets. The first place to get them is through fish, but your senior can also snack on nuts to boost omega-3s.

This is a great and easy dish you or your senior can make in a few minutes. Season the fish and asparagus, throw it on a pan, and bake it until it is fully cooked. A senior should never eat any raw fish because it could contain harmful bacteria.

Easy Baked Chicken Breast

Sometimes it’s nice to throw something in the oven and forget it until the alarm goes off. An easy recipe is to cover your favorite chicken cut in sauce and seasoning and throw it in the oven. The sauce will keep the chicken moist and keep it from drying out. Next, you can throw in kale or even spinach, which will cook down into a delicious bite. Finally, some people love to cut the chicken open and stuff it with kale and cream cheese.

Homemade Cobb Salad

Everyone should be eating a healthy amount of vegetables, and this is the best way to get everyone at the dinner table to eat many all at once. You can use your favorite green, like kale, spinach, or butter lettuce, or add hard-boiled eggs, grilled chicken, and your choice of vegetables.

This is the perfect summer meal that can be easily prepped, and the chicken and eggs can be made in advance with the help of elder care. It’s easy, and delicious and will ensure your loved one gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

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