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4 Reasons Why Seniors Should Take A Daily Walk

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Exercise is the most recommended thing that seniors can do to stay healthy as they age, it is a pillar of elder care. Exercise helps seniors keep their mobility longer. Seniors can improve their heart health and lose the risk of stroke with regular exercise. Certainly, there are many other benefits for seniors that come from exercise. But many seniors and their families think that exercise has to be strenuous in order to be effective. In truth, that’s not the case. In reality, a simple daily walk is one of the best types of exercise for seniors. Here are a few of the reasons why every senior who is able, should be taking a daily walk:

Almost Every Senior Can Do It

Walking is great because seniors can do it no matter what their physical condition is. As a matter of fact, almost all seniors can manage to walk even for a short distance, like around the block. For instance, seniors can walk with canes. They can even use walkers. Undeniably, they might walk slowly, but they can walk. After all, that’s all that is needed for exercise to be effective. Your senior loved one doesn’t need to walk five miles a day in order to be healthy, although if they can walk that far they should. Certainly, most elder care providers agree even just a short walk around the neighborhood or to the store and back will do wonders for your senior parent’s health.

Seniors Can Do It Anywhere

Another reason why seniors should walk every day is that walking can be done anywhere. When the weather is nice seniors can walk outside, in their neighborhood or they can go on a hiking trail if they want to get out and spend time in nature. Also, they can walk on a track or on a treadmill. In fact, seniors can join walking clubs where seniors meet indoors at a shopping mall or shopping center where they can walk through the shopping center without worrying about bad weather outside. If your senior loved one has elder care, the elder care provider can drop them off at a mall or senior gym if that’s where they like to walk.

No Special Equipment Needed

Additionally, walking requires no special equipment or gym membership. Albeit, decent walking shoes, and weather-appropriate clothing are important. But, with just sneakers and some workout clothes, seniors are all set to get the exercise they need each day. Of course, seniors who want to buy equipment like weight, special walking clothes, treadmills, workout DVDs, and other equipment can do that too. But no one really needs equipment to walk. All they need is the desire to get outdoors, some comfortable clothing, and good shoes.

Seniors Can Walk Alone Or With Friends

Finally, seniors don’t need to depend on anyone to walk. They can just walk. But, if your senior loved one prefers walking with other people. Particularly, as a way to hold themselves accountable and make walking more fun, walking groups and walking companions can be easily found. Not to mention, an elder care provider can go walking with them if you can’t. Lastly, they can join friends in the local senior walkers club.

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