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How Can You Keep Relationships Going When You’re Busy Being a Caregiver?

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Elderly Care in Willsonville OR: Caregiver Tips

Life as a family caregiver can often mean that your relationships with the people that you care about suffer. Paying close attention to how you’re managing those relationships can help.


Find a Proper Balance

Caregiving can take all of your time and your energy if you allow it to do so. In fact, it might feel as if you have to allow it to do so because caregiving is so very large and involved. But you don’t have to do everything on your own. Find help where you can, whether that’s from family members or from elderly care providers who can take over for you.


Reach out When You Can

You may not always have the energy to be able to reach out to the people you care about and that is part of life. What you have to remember, though, is that reaching out lets people know that you are there and available. Until you reach out, they may feel as if you don’t have the mental or emotional space to be able to interact and that can hold them back. As you reach out, remember that they may have things going on, too. Ask about their lives and their situations so that you can help if you can.


Share What’s Going on with You

When you do reach out, share what’s really happening with you. It doesn’t have to be doom and gloom all the time, but sharing your reality helps you to vent to people that you care about and lets them see the real situation. Withholding those bits of your experience can do you and the people you care about a disservice.


Find Other Ways to Communicate

Not all forms of communication are made to be equal. For example, visiting people you care about in person takes a great deal of time and energy. You often need to go somewhere, which adds time and energy. Sending an email or text message or having a phone call all require different levels of time and energy investments. Go with the form of communication that matches up with what you have to give to that interaction.


Schedule Your Social Life

Scheduling your social life doesn’t sound very fun, but in this stage of your life, it might be necessary. Set aside some specific time for calling friends, meeting up with them, and just for nurturing those relationships a bit each week.

Remember that the people you care about also care about you. They want to know how they can help you when you need it, so shutting them out isn’t the answer.

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