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Does Your Elderly Parent Have Vision Loss? You Can Help Them.

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Elderly Care in Portland OR: Senior Vision Loss

Have you or an elderly care provider noticed your elderly parent is losing some of their vision? If so, this could be negatively impacting your parent’s life in various ways. It can cause them to be less independent, feel tired, and have other issues, too. If your elderly parent does have vision loss, be sure they see their doctor. The doctor can figure out what is wrong and determine a treatment plan. If there are no treatments for your elderly parent’s vision loss, there are some things you can do to help.

Slow Down the Progression of Vision Loss

If the doctor has stated that your elderly parent’s vision loss will only get worse, it is important to help them slow it down as much as possible. For instance, research shows that smoking contributes to vision loss in some cases. If your elderly parent is a smoker, do everything you can to convince them to quit. In addition, there are certain foods (usually those that are high in carbs), that can lead to vision loss. Helping your elderly parent to eat healthier can slow down the progression of their vision loss. If you can’t be around often to help your parent to quit smoking and eat healthier, you can get an elderly care provider to help out.

Safety in the Home is Essential

If your elderly parent is losing their vision, it is important to ensure the home is safe. Those with vision loss are much more likely to fall in their home. This is usually because they can’t see cords and other hazards as well as they did before their vision loss set in. It is essential that you and the elderly care providers keep your parent’s home safe for them. Removing all tripping hazards can help to prevent your parent from falling. In addition, you should ensure that someone is taking care of things. The more objects that are kept out, the more likely your elderly parent is to fall.

Involving Your Parent

Your elderly parent probably feels bad about their vision loss. They might feel like a burden on others. In addition, your parent might feel like they are going to lose all of their independence. You can help your parent by involving them in things. For instance, if you are planning a small trip for the family, talk to your parent about it. See what they would like to do on that trip. This can make your parent feel needed.


These are some of the things you can do to help if your elderly parent has vision loss. It can be difficult to cope with vision loss. Your elderly parent might feel they are losing themselves. However, with these tips, you and elderly care providers can help to keep them safe and to help them feel needed. These tips can help your elderly parent to cope better with their vision loss, as well.


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