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Home » Home Care: Try These 6 Outdoor Activities to Improve Mobility in 2022

Home Care: Try These 6 Outdoor Activities to Improve Mobility in 2022

Home Care in Wilsonville OR: Outdoor Activities

Home Care: Your mom and dad want to improve mobility in 2022.

You want to help them, so you’ve talked to their doctors. You have a plan in place, and it starts with getting active outside. What are the best outdoor activities for improving mobility? A home care services provider can help with the following tips.

Window Shopping

How about joining your parents at an outdoor shopping mall or street that’s lined with shops. You don’t have to buy anything. Walk up and down the streets or pedestrian courtyards. If you need to stop and warm up or take a break, coffee shops offer the chance to have a hot drink while sitting for a few minutes.

Outdoor Yoga

Look for Yoga lessons that are done outdoors. If you’re near a beach, Beach Yoga offers the soothing sounds of the water while helping with balance and mobility. You can also bring Yoga mats into the yard or onto a covered deck or patio and play an instructional Yoga video on a tablet.

Walking on Nature Trails

Head to a local park and walk on the nature trails. When your parents need to stop and rest, allow them to. Start easy and work up to longer walks as they build their stamina and endurance.

Nature trails are often groomed, so they’re not going to be too uneven. If there are boardwalk trails, those are great for older adults who need a cane.


Pair birdwatching with your nature walk. Bring binoculars, a birdwatching guide, and a checklist. When your parents have something of interest to watch for, they’ll want to keep going.


Walk along the shore or a river and fish. If it’s ice fishing season where you live, take your dad and mom ice fishing. While there is some sitting involved, there’s also walking to the fishing spot, balancing as you reel in a fish, and carrying equipment.

Home Care: Snowshoeing

As your parents improve their flexibility and strength, consider turning those walks into walks with snowshoes. That makes it a little easier to walk in deeper snow and not be pressed to stay on groomed trails.

Home Care: Make Sure Your Parents Stay Motivated

You’ve got your parents started with daily exercise. How do you keep them motivated? If you’re not around often, you need to hire caregivers to ensure they’re staying active.

While your parents work to strengthen muscles and balance, consider having home care aides available. Home Care Providers can assist with mobility and ambulation. They can motivate your parents to do their daily exercises. Call a home care agency to make the arrangements.


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