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A Home Care Aide MAY Travel with an Aging Client for a Family Vacation

Homecare in Beaverton OR: Home Care Aide

Home Care Aide: It’s that time of the year again… vacation planning time!

While most of us had to forgo our vacation plans last year, this year is different. Even though the pandemic seems to be ongoing, with vaccines and our population getting closer and closer to herd immunity, plus the fact that so many are lockdown fatigued, it’s time to begin thinking about your vacation plans, especially if you have been caring for an aging parent or other loved one for some time.
You might not have thought much about a home care aide in the past, mostly because this was your job, your responsibility. You were more than happy to take on this important job, but over time, it seemed like it was never going to end.
After a year and perhaps even more time than that, you need a break. But you don’t want to leave this senior without help. Or you’d like your elderly mother or father, for example, to come with you.

Yet you still want to be able to relax.

That’s what a vacation is supposed to be about: relaxing and unwinding. How are you to do that if this senior will still require assistance, even if they go on vacation with you? How are you going to get that much-needed time to yourself?
Home care. That’s the number one solution that can help so many family members who are acting as caregivers these days when they need just a little bit of time to themselves.

This all depends on where you vacation.

If you’re planning on vacationing somewhere in the United States, you should have no trouble finding a reliable home care agency in your vacation destination. There are agencies and organizations that help seniors get the right type of home care aide support they need, whether for just a couple of hours at a time or for many hours during the week.
If you’re planning on traveling outside the U.S., not only may you need to show proof you’ve been vaccinated, but you may have a more difficult process to go through in order to find reliable home care aides at your destination.

Home Care Aide: Whatever you do, though, plan ahead.

That’s the important key here: plan ahead. Because more people vacation during the summer months, a home care aide could be a bit tougher to come by the longer you wait. Start early and you will have the best options ready to go when you need to rely on home care for this upcoming vacation.

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