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Home Care Assistance Safety Tips for Senior Swimmers

Senior Swimming: Home Care Assistance King City OR

Even as a senior, you will have to exercise! However, exercising isn’t always easy for your elderly loved one, and it’s important to find something easy on the joints. This is where swimming comes in; it’s a full-body workout that is super easy on joints. So whether a senior is walking laps in the pool, swimming, or doing a water aerobics class, it’s a great way to stay in shape and build or maintain muscle as a senior. However, when your senior goes to the pool, they need someone with them and an on-duty lifeguard. Home care assistance can help transport a senior to the pool or gym, but there are other safety tips a senior should know before getting into a pool. Here is everything you need to know about safety tips for senior swimmers.

Use The Buddy System

Even if seniors have home care assistance, the buddy system still applies in the water. It can be a safety measure to go swimming with a friend. When a senior has a friend in the water, they can alert home care assistance of any problems or wave down the lifeguard in emergencies. This is also the best way to keep your senior loved one from wandering outside of the gym or leaving when home care assistance isn’t going to pick them up.

Use a Life Jacket When Necessary 

Your senior loved one should avoid going into open water when there is no lifeguard on duty, and it can be safer to swim in a pool. However, this doesn’t always stop seniors from wanting to enjoy the lake with their friends or family. If this sounds like something your senior is doing, you should always encourage them to take someone who can look for any danger and ensure they’re using a life jacket and floaties.

Pay Attention to Temperatures

A senior may be impacted by the cold more easily than someone younger. If your senior is shaking in the water, it’s time to pull them out, even if they’re enjoying themselves. When a senior is wet and cold, it can be dangerous for their health, so it’s essential to keep track of the temperature of the water and how your loved one is reacting. 

Always Talk to Their Doctor

Not all seniors may be suitable to go swimming, and getting a professional’s recommendation is essential. If a senior is struggling with dementia or another disease, they may not be okay getting in the water. Sometimes a senior will have a skin infection and need to keep it dry or something else. Always get the doctor’s approval before a senior starts swimming sessions.

Watch The Surrounding Pool

Seniors may not be as stable as they used to be, which can lead to more falls. This is especially true when a senior walks across wet surfaces, which, unfortunately, the pool area usually is. This means home care assistance may need to help a senior get in and out of the pool or walk from the pool to the dressing area. Watching out for falling hazards and getting a helping hand when needed will help a senior remain safe when going to swim.

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