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Help Your Elderly Loved One to Stay Independent Through Regular Exercise

Home Care in Beaverton OR: Exercise

Home Care: Is your elderly loved one struggling with their physical strength or mental health?

If things get worse, are they worried they won’t be able to stay independent as much as they are now. If this is happening, there are some ways that exercise can help them to improve strength and their mental health. If they can do that, it can also help them to keep some or all of their independence. Home care services providers can be on hand to keep your senior safe.

Strength, Endurance, and Balance

There are three specific types of exercise that can truly help elderly people to stay more independent. These exercises include strength, endurance, and balance. Studies show that senior citizens who do these exercises regularly have more:

  • Muscle strength
  • Balance
  • Motivation
  • Happiness
  • Energy

These are just some of the ways that strength, endurance, and balance exercises can help your elderly loved one. If they need some help sticking to their exercise plan, you or companion care at home providers can give them motivation and encouragement.

Tips to Get Started

If your elderly loved one hasn’t been exercising, there are some tips that can help them to get started such as:

  • Write down their fitness or mental health goals
  • Look up exercises that help to meet those goals
  • Start small to prevent injury
  • Slowly increase reps to get to ultimate exercise goals

If your elderly loved one can do these things, it can help them to develop and stick to an exercise plan. Once they start building up their strength and endurance, it will also help with their balance. All of this can help them to feel and be more independent, as well.

Getting Assistance

If your eldelry loved one struggles with exercise due to a physical impairment, they can get help from others. In fact, you can hire companion care at home providers to stay with your elderly loved one when they are exercising. They can be there to help your elderly loved one do the exercises or just to make sure they are staying safe while exercising.

Home Care: Conclusion

If your elderly loved one is worried they won’t be able to stay independent, talk to them about creating an exercise plan. There are so many ways that strength, balance, and endurance exercises can help senior citizens to be more independent.

If your elderly loved one isn’t able to do certain exercises, you or a home care provider can have them talk to their doctor. They may have other exercise or fitness recommendations that your elderly loved one can do.

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