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Understanding Arthritis and How It Impacts Mobility

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In the U.S., 54 million adults have one or more types of arthritis. Your mom is one of them. With more than 100 forms of arthritis, she may have more than one type. 

No matter what she has, it will impact her ability to take care of her home and herself from time to time. Here’s what you need to know.


Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis and affects about 31 million adults. It’s one of the hardest to prevent, as it’s caused by repeated use of the joints. Walking around daily for years as a child and adult can lead to osteoarthritis. Two times as many women have osteoarthritis as men, and over-the-counter NSAID medications are the primary treatment option.

Lumbar spine osteoarthritis is also common. It affects about 80% of adults at some point in their life. Lower back pain is the main symptom of lumbar spine osteoarthritis. If your mom has it, she’ll find heavy-lifting items like a laundry basket difficult, so she’ll need help with many standard household chores.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Women are also more likely to have rheumatoid arthritis, an autoinflammatory condition where the immune system attacks cells in the joints, leading to swelling, pain, and even disfigurement. If your mom has it, it increases the risk of a fall. As many as seven out of ten people with rheumatoid arthritis were disabled and unable to work within ten years of diagnosis.

Undoubtedly, rheumatoid arthritis may limit your mom’s mobility. She’ll need support to do things as simple as getting in and out of the shower or walking up and down the stairs. Your mom may eventually need a walker or cane to get around. Carrying out the trash, lifting a pan from the oven, or doing the laundry become impossible.


Typically, people are diagnosed with lupus by their mid-40s. It’s more common in women, with around 271 of every 100,000 women. Basically, lupus makes the immune system too active and attacks tissue within organs and joints. It can lead to hair loss, joint pain, and kidney disease.

If your mom has lupus, she’ll surely need a lot of support getting to and from her medical appointments, household chores, and errands. She may also need medication reminders. Make sure she has the support to stay as healthy as possible.

Home care services are one of the best ways to ensure your mom is supported when arthritis limits her mobility. She needs to eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. She also needs daily exercise, even if it means someone can walk with her. Home care aides can help with all this. Call a specialist to learn more about the benefits of home care.

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