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Four Tips if You’re Pretty Sure Your Senior Isn’t Telling You Everything

Home Care in King City OR: Senior Isn’t Telling You Everything


There’s no way for you to know absolutely everything about what’s going on with your aging family member, especially if some of that information is being held back. If you’re pretty sure that your elderly family member hasn’t told you everything you need to know, you may need to be gaining information in other ways so that you can help.

Make Sure You’re Not Leveling Any Accusations

Accusations don’t make anybody feel all that great. You’re likely to discover that with your senior if you let your hurt feelings drive this conversation. The very first thing for you to remember is that even if you’re pretty sure your senior isn’t being fully honest with you, you don’t want to lead with that. There are ways to get the full picture without starting a battle with your elderly family member.

Go Deeper than Gut Feelings

The key here is that you want to move beyond just your gut feelings. Your intuition is really important and really helpful, but you need facts that you can actually work with when you’re trying to help your senior as much as you can. One of the best ways for you to start getting the facts you need is by directly observing what’s going on with your senior. You don’t have to make any changes or comments just yet, first start getting a handle on what’s happening. 

See What Other People Close to Your Senior Say

You may not be witnessing everything in regard to your senior and her situation. There could very easily be things that you’re missing, but that other people are witnessing. Talk to other family members, and to your senior’s friends and neighbors to get as much information as you possibly can. This isn’t about getting dirt on your senior, but it is about making sure you’re getting as much information as you can.

It May Be Time for Outside Help

Something to consider now is that you may be at a point where you’re ready for some more help. Elder care providers could be the perfect answer. Elder care services can take over tasks that have become complicated or difficult for your senior. Home care can also ensure that your elderly family member is as safe as possible and that she’s got targeted assistance for her needs.

Preserving your senior’s independence and her dignity is going to go a long way toward convincing her to share this type of information with you more regularly.

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