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Four Reasons to Embrace Routines

Some people hear the word “routine” and think about boring restrictions or rules that don’t even make sense. But that’s not what a good routine is about. A good routine offers support for everyone involved. It ensures that needs are met and that there’s enough flexibility to ensure that life is enjoyable and still spontaneous.

There Are Fewer Choices through the Day

Choice is really important, both for your senior and for yourself. But if you’re feeling the weight of decision fatigue, there may be some choices that you resolve through regular daily routines. Having the same thing for breakfast, for example, can help both you and your senior to make sure you eat without having to go through a big decision-making process.

You Know What the Goals Are

Even if you’re reducing choices, you have specific goals for every day and every week. Those goals are much easier to hit when you’ve got a routine in place that supports meeting them. Your goals and your senior’s goals likely dovetail in a great many places, which is also helpful. Take a look at what your biggest goals are, for instance helping your aging family member to age in place, and determine what routines support meeting that goal. That might mean hiring elderly care providers to come in on a regular schedule.

Everybody Knows What to Expect

When everybody involved knows what to expect, life is a lot easier all the way around. Your elderly family member definitely will flourish in an environment where she’s not guessing and so will you. You’re also less likely to forget specific things if they’re included in your senior’s routine.  

You Might Meet Your Own Needs Better, Too

Routines give you a chance to fill in some gaps you may have been experiencing. When things have to be handled on the fly, you’re more likely to give up sleep or meals or other things that are vital for you to be your best. With solid routines, things get done, especially when you’re delegating those tasks to elderly care providers. That means you are able to focus more on what is going to serve you and help you to be a more effective caregiver.

Tweaking routines is important. Very few routines work exactly the way you need and want right out of the gate. Don’t be afraid to move things around and to experiment to find the right solution for your situation.


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