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How to Make Reading Easier for Seniors

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When your parents become seniors, you may feel like you need to help take care of them, and they actually may appreciate it when you do stop by to help. However, that may not be possible for every adult child, and many of you may have your own families to handle. No senior wants to impose or feel like a burden, and that is why it can be important to hire help. Home care is the best option for seniors who don’t want to ask for their children’s help but also need a hand around the house.

Home care can help seniors stay home for longer and stay safe while aging in place. It may even allow them to partake in hobbies and activities for much longer than they would home care providers.

One hobby that many people, including seniors, enjoy is reading. However, not all seniors will feel comfortable reading such small text. You may be wondering if there is a way for you to make reading easier on your senior. Luckily, in this day and age, there are plenty of ways to make reading easier for your elderly loved one. Take a look at these tips.

Why is Reading Important for the Elderly?

It’s difficult to overestimate how cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually stimulating and satisfying reading can be for older folks. This is an enjoyable way for many seniors to spend some time throughout their day and is a useful activity to keep from being bored. On top of that, it helps other areas of their lives.

  • It helps with memory recall
  • It can be a stress reliever
  • And it may help lower the risk of cognitive changes

All of these reasons are why it can be essential to encourage your elderly loved one to pick up a book. Here are some ways to make it easier for your senior loved one.

Switch to a Kindle

Some books are just too hard to read. Many book lovers will prefer the physical book, but if it doesn’t come in large print, it may be too hard on their eyes. However, switching to a device may help them find the right-sized text and be better lit for longer reading sessions. The cool thing about using a device is it can also help them learn new words. By tapping a word on the screen, it will show the dictionary definition almost instantly.

Buy a Book Stand

If a senior can still read the text, it may be that they cannot hold the book for a long period of time. Buy them a book stand that will hold the pages open, or buy a small table for their tablet they can read on. This will help them enjoy their book while remaining more comfortable throughout their reading session.

Switch to Audible

There are tons of ways to read, but not all of them are suitable for seniors. If no changes work, then it may be time to switch to an audio version. This allows them to enjoy the book without the eye strain or physical strain of holding the book.


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