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Home Care Services: Everything You Need to Know

Home Care Services Lake Oswego

If you’ve never heard about home care services for seniors, you might wonder just what exactly it means. This type of care offers your senior a chance to have help with tasks. These are tasks that she thinks no one could help her to manage.

What Personal Care Is and Isn’t

Home care service is non-medical care. It assists with activities of daily living, like dressing, bathing, toileting, and more. Personal home care may be something your senior finds embarrassing to need. She may try to put off talking with you about it as long as possible. But, the reality is that we cannot neglect the personal care that seniors need

Why Home Care Service Is So Vital

Personal care tasks directly affect your senior’s mental and physical well-being. These tasks are ones that if they’re left undone, your senior’s physical and emotional safety will be at risk. For example, skin problems arise when regular bathing isn’t followed. Similarly, not eating a healthy diet or skipping too many meals can cause an unhealthy amount of weight loss.

When Does Your Senior Need Home Care Services?

The best way to know when personal home care is necessary is to stay in contact with your senior. If you’re helping her with other tasks, stay alert for signs that she might have difficulty getting dressed or eating healthy meals. You will notice changes in her appearance like losing weight or having difficulty moving around safely. If she seems more isolated than usual, the cause could be related to personal care tasks she’s not able to manage on her own.

Your Senior’s Unique Needs Will Be Addressed Regularly

One of the best reasons for home care service providers’ help is that they’re able to tailor it to her exact needs. For instance, if she has difficulty bathing, but she’s able to get dressed on her own, she can get the help that meets that specific need. What’s more, your elderly family member will still have her independence.

Home Care Service Improves Overall Quality of Life

Having caregivers visiting to assist with these necessary tasks helps to ensure that your senior’s overall quality of life improves. She’s less likely to be frustrated because the tasks she’s found difficult are now delegated to someone else. She is able to focus on the parts of her life that bring her joy without the worry of handling her care.
As your elderly family member’s needs change, so, too, does her care. For instance, if your senior needs help for only a short time to recover from an injury, rest assured she can get it. Not to mention, she may find that she’s able to get right back in the swing of things once she has had some time to heal.

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