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Things to Avoid Saying with Someone Who Has Dementia

Home Care Services in Portland OR: Dementia Tips

If your elderly loved one has dementia, you may be wondering how to handle their diagnosis. You certainly need to take care of yourself and your own well-being. However, there are some things that you should and shouldn’t do with your elderly loved one, as well. Today you will learn about some of the things that you and their elderly care providers should avoid saying.

I Already Told You This

If your elderly loved one has a dementia diagnosis, it is important that you don’t say – “I already told you this.” You don’t need to keep bringing up that your elderly loved one has memory issues. If they are in the early stages of the disease, they already feel bad enough that they forget things. You should just overlook their need to have you repeat things. Listen to what they are saying and what they need from you.

Don’t Use Long Sentences or Complex Ideas

It is important that you don’t use long sentences with your elderly loved one. You shouldn’t use complex ideas either. People who have dementia often can’t focus on things that are too complicated. They need you to use short sentences. In addition, if you have multiple things to talk to your loved one about, split those things up into multiple conversations.

Don’t Treat Them Like a Kid

It is important to keep in mind that your elderly loved one is still the person you know them to be. It might not feel like it, especially as the disease progresses. However, if you can remember they are your loved one and they have lived a full life, you can treat them as such. Many family caregivers treat their elderly loved one like a kid. They treat them like they are incapable of doing things. That is not how you should treat your elderly loved one.

Don’t Ask What They Did That Day

Your elderly loved one is adjusting to having this disease. As the disease progresses, they are less likely to get things done around the house. It is important that you don’t ask your loved one what they did that day. They are doing their best. They don’t need someone making them feel bad for not getting things done.


These are some of the things that you should avoid saying to your loved one who has dementia. If you are having trouble coping with your loved one’s condition, it might be time to hire elderly care providers. The providers can handle the care for your loved one. Then, you can spend your time with your loved one as a family member, not a caregiver.

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