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Talk to Your Family About In-Home Care Today

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Stop and think about your mom’s goals as she ages. Has she told you what she wants most? Does she want to downsize or stay in the family home? Does she want to rely on you to help her with her personal care needs if her health worsens or will she consider home care services?

These are conversations every family should have, but many wait until a health crisis happens. Do your mom a favor and have this conversation sooner rather than later. Making decisions after something happens leads to rushed, stressed decisions that might not be exactly what she wants.

Questions to Discuss as a Family

When you’re discussing your mom’s plan for aging, there are several things to talk about. Start with the family history. If your mom’s parents both had high blood pressure, there’s a higher chance that she will, too. Make sure she’s seeing her doctor regularly and having her blood pressure monitored.

Ask her if she has any health concerns. You want to have an idea of where her health is currently and what her doctor says is a concern down the road. For example, your mom may be 30 pounds overweight, and her doctor found she has prediabetes and wants her to lose weight and stop eating processed foods.

Find out if your mom is doing okay with daily chores. Can she vacuum her stairs or is it too heavy for her to balance while she uses the attachment to clean each stair? Does she struggle to carry her laundry hamper to the washer and dryer? Has she fallen while trying to do these household chores?

How about her comfort while driving to stores, friends’ homes, and medical offices? Is she able to check the blind spots or does she have a hard time turning her head far enough? Has her eye doctor told her that her vision is diminishing and she needs to stop driving?

Does your mom have plenty of opportunities to socialize? If she doesn’t have friends in the area, is she lonely or feels isolated?

Your Mom’s Input Matters the Most

As you discuss your mom’s goals, remember that her input has to take priority. It may not always be possible to meet every one of her goals, but you should meet as many as you can.

When you call an agency about in-home care, involve her as much as possible in the conversation with the home care specialist. Let her ask questions and address her concerns. When she feels that she’s making the decisions, she’s less likely to feel like she’s having caregivers pushed on her.

Once your family has discussed the benefits of in-home care for your mom, call an agency. Go over any questions you have, your mom’s health and physical abilities, and the services you think would help. From there, you’ll learn more about prices, availability, and scheduling.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring Home Care Services Beaverton, OR, please contact the caring staff at Integrity In-Home Care. Call today (503) 660-3755