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Four Tips if Your Senior’s Vision Is Worsening

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Home Care Services in Tigard OR: Senior Vision Problems

If your senior has trouble seeing well, make sure she’s still going to see her eye doctor. Even if there aren’t any corrective options for her, your senior’s eye doctor can let you know if her vision is getting worse or if there are other concerns with her eye health. In terms of supporting your senior at home, there are lots of things you can try.

Improve Lighting Wherever Possible

Lighting is always a concern if your elderly family member’s vision is failing. Make sure that you’ve got plenty of bright lights available, even if that means adding some lamps or fixtures. Use LED bulbs if possible because they give off bright, crisp lighting. Something else to consider might be adding motion sensors if you are able to do so. That way your elderly family member walks into a room and then doesn’t have to think about turning on a light. This can help her to have what she needs even if she forgets.

Make Edges Visible

Edges can be a problem for people who have trouble seeing well. If your elderly family member has stairs in her home or raised thresholds, those edges can even be a little dangerous for her to not see. Consider finding some ways to make those edges a lot more visible for your senior. Using reflective or glow-in-the-dark tape can be a really easy way to mark the edges of spaces that could be dangerous otherwise.

Consider Contrasting Colors Everywhere

Those same contrasts can be helpful elsewhere, too. If the floor is dark, consider painting walls a lighter color. Or you could paint walls a mid-tone color and use bright white switch plates to make them easier for your senior to locate them on the wall. Contrasting colors help things to stand out, so just as with edges, you’re going to want to create boundaries that help your elderly family member to spot changes and differences.

Leave Notes Using Bold Colors and Dark Lines

When you leave notes for your elderly family member, make sure you’re using bright or bold colors and dark, bold lines. The reason for that is that lighter colors or thin lines can be difficult for someone with poor vision to read. Leaving notes written in pencil might be extra difficult to read, whereas using a marker in a darker color will stand out more for your senior.

As your senior’s caregiver you’re probably going to need to try lots of different options for making her life easier, especially if she’s got trouble with her eyesight.

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