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Caregiver – Treating Yourself to Reading

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Home Care in Tigard OR: Caregiver Book Tips


As the caregiver of your aging parent, you’ve probably read through endless materials on how best to take care of your parent.

You may have become an expert on topics you never thought you needed to know about and maybe wish you didn’t have to know about it. And while all that reading and learning to take care of your parent can seem overwhelming, it’s important that you take care of yourself also. A caregiver can only help those she loves well, by taking good care of herself as well. If you like to read but haven’t done it for a while for enjoyment or entertainment, you may need to restart that important healing aspect of your life. Here are some types of books or materials you might want to add back into your life.

  1. Spiritual books. If your faith is important to you, but you haven’t found time to read your book of faith or participate in faith discussions, now could be a great time to restart that habit. Pick up your chosen book and reacquaint yourself with the words in it. Or find a study guide that applies it to your daily life.
  2. Fictional books. Sometimes you just need to escape away from all the responsibilities of the world with a good, fictional book. Find a book in a genre that you’ve always enjoyed – like true crime or fictional history – and grab a comfy spot to just relax and enjoy your time with your nose in a book. If you’re looking for something completely new, try a new genre that you never have read before. You might find a new favorite!

  3. Self-help books. Look for books to inspire you, encourage you, or provide guidance with whatever you are struggling with. Many self-help books come with areas to write down your own thoughts and progress as you read the book, helping you to apply it to your everyday life.

  4. Educational books. Maybe now is a good time for you to learn a new skill. Choose a skill that’s solely for you, not for your role as a caregiver. Perhaps a book on learning a new language or how to trade stock online is right up your alley. Even a great cookbook, filled with stories along with recipes can be a wonderful way to learn a new talent while enjoying the stories that go with it.

  5. Travel books. If you don’t have the time or money to actually escape and get away from it all, maybe try a good travel book to make the trip mentally to Greece or Africa. These can be books that are focused on the facts and figures of a specific location or you could read a travel journal from an author who will give more of the heart of a travel destination. You never know, it may inspire a trip in your future once some of the health regulations on travel are lifted.

Find your book and then find your time to read it. You might need to schedule your reading time much like a meeting, carving out a specific time frame to sit and read. Spending a little time feeding your own soul will help you be a better caregiver to your parent when you have time with them.

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