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Home » Home Health Care: Fact and Fiction: Things People Often Misunderstand About Alzheimer’s Disease

Home Health Care: Fact and Fiction: Things People Often Misunderstand About Alzheimer’s Disease

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Home Health Care in Wilsonville OR: Alzheimer's

Home Health Care: World Alzheimer’s Day is one of the best times to stop and think about the care you provide to a parent with Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s is a challenging disease as people don’t always want to talk about it, which leads to a stigma that makes you hesitant to vent your frustrations. It’s time to fight back against the stigma and open up about the realities of this disease. Home Health Care can be a good resource for help with your senior with Alzheimer’s 

Here are some of the things that people often misunderstand about Alzheimer’s.

If your dad forgot where he put his glasses down and finds them on his nightstand, that’s normal. If he forgets and finds them in the ice cube tray, it’s concerning.

Forgetfulness is Normal as You Age

This is one of the most common myths. It can make getting help for your mom or dad frustrating. If their doctor insists that memory loss is a normal part of aging, push for a second opinion. It can be expected, but you’re with your mom or dad regularly. You’ll know what seems normal for them and what just doesn’t fit.

Alzheimer’s Can Affect Younger Adults

People often think of Alzheimer’s as an “older person’s disease.” While a large percentage of older adults have Alzheimer’s, it can affect younger adults. Early-onset Alzheimer’s occurs before the age of 65 and accounts for about 10 percent of the cases.

Family caregivers to a parent with early-onset Alzheimer’s may be increasingly stressed as they have young children at home, full-time jobs, and other obstacles to overcome. If you’re in your 30s and caring for a parent in their 60s, it’s increasingly frustrating as you may not be able to afford to quit your job, you may still be taking college classes, and you might have to travel often for work.

Home Health Care: No Two Days Are Alike

Your mom may be in a fantastic mood one day and be completely miserable the next. On the good days, you think you can handle anything. When a bad day hits, your mom may cry, throw things, hit you, refuse to eat, and constantly say she never wants to see you again.

It’s hard to handle the bad days, but you may not feel that you have a choice. You do. You can hire someone else to step in while you take a break.

Make sure you’re taking breaks by arranging in-home care. Caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s disease often has you experiencing more challenges than expected. From your parent’s moments of rage to the tremendous sadness, these outbursts are hard to handle without a strong support team.

Home health care aides help with your mom or dad’s care needs. They also offer you the support you need to take a break now and then. Talk to a specialist in in-home care to make arrangements for part-time care services.


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