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Recovering Strength as Your Senior Ages

Home Health Care in Oregon City OR: Recovering Senior Strength

Over time, your senior loses some muscle strength. If she’s been diligent about exercising, she might not have lost very much. But even if she has, she can regain at least a little bit of what she’s lost with some light strength training.

Go Slowly and Stay within Recommendations

Your senior’s doctor can give her recommendations on the type and amount of exercise to do. Staying within those recommendations can help her to avoid injury while she begins her workout plan. It’s also important that she proceeds slowly with her new exercise routine. She doesn’t have to rush things.

Start with Just One or Two Exercises

One way to keep things at the right pace is to start out with just one or two exercises. That allows your elderly family member to focus on getting those right and mastering them. Something like really light weights or even resistance bands can be a good place to start.

Work with a Trainer for a Little Bit

Something that can make you’re senior a little more comfortable is to work with a trainer for one or two sessions. That helps her to feel as if she’s getting the proper form in her exercises. Some people find it intimidating to work with a trainer, but it’s an option that can help.

Increase Repetitions Gradually

As your elderly family member masters those few exercises she’s trying out, she may find that they get boring for her or that she plateaus in terms of her results. That’s when she can start increasing her repetitions or even the weight that she’s using. She should do this gradually so she doesn’t get overwhelmed or doesn’t overdo her routine.

Pay Attention to Both Rest and Nutrition

Rest and nutrition are both crucial parts of increasing your senior’s overall strength. When she’s feeling good, though, she might not see a reason to sometimes allow her muscles to rest. Also, eating a healthier diet can be difficult to keep up with on her own. Elder care providers can help out by cooking healthy foods that are easy and delicious so that your elderly family member always has good choices available.

Your elderly family member might not regain all of the strength that she’s lost, but she can recover a good bit of it. Over time, that regained strength will help her with balance, mobility, and a variety of other potential issues.

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