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What Services Do Home Health Care Nurses Offer?

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Your dad’s health took a turn after a stroke. He ended up with aspiration pneumonia, and it took a bit more to recover than expected. His doctors say he can go home now, as long as you’ve arranged home health care services. What will he need?

Blood Draws Take Place at Home

Your dad’s blood work must be checked periodically to make sure his white cell counts are okay. Instead of traveling to a clinic, he could have a nurse draw the blood at home and arrange to deliver it to the lab his doctor selects.

IV Lines and Injections Are Easily Managed

Your dad has IV medications to treat his pneumonia. He obviously doesn’t want to stay in the hospital for these treatments. Home health care nurses can set up IV lines at home and keep him from having to go to the hospital for an IV infusion. If he needs an injected medication, he can get it at home with his nurse’s help.

Home Therapy Sessions Are Possible

Of course, with home health care, your dad’s therapy sessions can take place in his home. If he’s working with a physical, occupational, or speech therapist, you can save time and stress by having the therapist come to his home. 

Instead of walking your dad to your car, driving him to his therapy appointment, and helping him in and out of the office, you can have therapists come to his home, offer the therapy sessions in his home, and make it less stressful for him and others.

Regular Checks of His Blood Pressure, Pulse, and Oxygen Saturation Levels

As your dad heals from pneumonia, it’s important to monitor his blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen saturation levels. So as to ensure that the inflammation doesn’t cause additional issues. He could go to a medical office for these checks, or you could arrange to have a home health care nurse check his vitals at home where he’s comfortable.

To be sure, there are several benefits to checking his blood pressure at home. In a comfortable spot, your dad is less likely to experience the “white coat syndrome” that occurs with anxiety at a doctor’s office. When your dad is nervous, his blood pressure will be higher. At home, he’s less likely to be anxious.

How Do You Arrange Home Health Care Services?

What steps do you take to arrange home care from nurses? To begin with, talk to your dad’s medical team about his care needs going forward. His doctors can advise you on the frequency of blood draws, IV medications, and vital sign recordings. Once you know this information, you can talk to a specialist.

It’s time. Call a home health care agency and schedule visits with a nurse. With home health care services, your dad’s recovery will offer the support and knowledge he needs.

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