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Activities for Adults With Memory Loss

Homecare in Oregon City OR: Memory Loss Activities

If your senior is determined to live at home, this can be scary for you, especially if they are starting to forget things. Maybe your mom and dad forget to turn off their gas stove and leave it on for hours at a time. Small stuff can equal big dangers in the house. This is when hiring homecare assistance can be good for aging elderly parents. Many seniors want to remain independent, but it can’t hurt to have help with household chores and have a second pair of eyes in the home. Hiring home care assistance can help take the pressure off of you when you know your senior is staying safe in their comfort zone.

No matter what, even if your senior has helped at home, it’s crucial to find ways to keep them engaged with life. Finding activities for seniors with memory problems can be challenging. First, you will need to understand how bad their memory problems are, which will come through observations. If your senior suffers from dementia, they will need different activities than seniors who suffer from average memory problems.


Dementia Is A Source Of Frustration For Both Elderly And Caretakers.

It makes regular tasks more complex and may gradually undermine communication skills, relationships, and personalities. Dementia does not imply that a person loses interest in socializing, basic hobbies, or learning new abilities. Luckily, there are some easy activities that you and your senior can do to help improve their quality of life and keep them busy.

Turn On Some Tunes

It is impossible to lose one’s love of music even when one’s other abilities diminish. Music has the power to bring back memories and feelings that have been lost, allowing you and your loved one to relive the happiest moments of your life. Music from their childhood may bring back memories for many people. Once you start understanding what kind of music your loved one likes you can play more like it.

Create a Photo Album

Make a family scrapbook with your loved one. Then write their names beside their photos. Allow the senior to personalize the book using glitter, markers, stickers, and discovered items. They may feel soothed when looking at pictures of people they remember, and it may trigger happy memories

Easy Gardening

A senior may not be able to have a big garden anymore because they can’t take care of it or won’t remember they have a garden. However, creating a windowsill garden where they sit or like to look out can be a fun thing for them to enjoy. Try having herbs and allowing them to snip it back or water them every day.

Grab an Adult Coloring Book

Coloring is a kind of meditation. It promotes attention and concentration, which may help reduce anxiety in dementia patients. Begin with basic coloring pages and let the senior choose their own materials. It can be something fun that you may want to join in.

Childrens Puzzles

Depending on the stage of dementia you can customize the types of puzzles you offer your senior. Some may only be able to do childrens puzzles while others can do more complex puzzles.


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