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Relying on Home Care Does NOT Mean an Aging Senior Gives Up Their Autonomy

Homecare in King City OR: Senior Independence

One of the most common assumptions an aging senior might make when it comes to home care as an option for their future is that they will lose their autonomy. Their independence.
This is one of the greatest concerns elderly men and women have when it comes to the topic of home care. They absolutely do not want to lose their independence. After all, they have already been feeling that sense of loss, as though they have already given up a number of things they wanted to do.

The older a senior is, the more health issues they face, the more likely they feel that loss of independence.

This is going to happen as a person loses physical ability. They may have had their driver’s license revoked. They may have been told they can no longer play certain sports or do various activities because of the risk to their bones, joints, and other health issues.
They may feel isolated, especially if they are living alone. That sense of a loss of independence can be overwhelming.
Then, when you begin talking about the prospect of relying on in-home care support, it can feel even greater.


Most people don’t really know what home care offers.

The vast majority of Americans — regardless of age, physical ability, or other factors — have certain misconceptions about home care. They may assume it is not safe, is not affordable, is only for the extremely ill, injured, or sick.
They have no idea that it can be an incredibly valuable asset for an average senior who is just having some difficulty with mobility at the moment.
If a person has misconceptions about something, they have a tendency to dismiss it outright. That often tends to be the case when it comes to in-home care options for aging seniors.


Seniors don’t have to give up their autonomy.

An elderly person still has a right to decide what he or she does throughout the day, even if they hire a home care aide. There may certainly be limitations but mostly based on health and physical infirmity. If an elderly person wants to clean up the yard but requires a cane or walker to get around, that is not very reasonable.

But, if they want to eat a certain meal at 2 o’clock in the afternoon rather than noon, that should be their right. They don’t have to lose independence just to hire a home care aide.


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