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Four Situations in Which a Senior with Dementia Might Be Okay Alone

Dementia is a highly-individualized illness in many respects. Your senior may still be okay on her own for a longer period of time than either of you thought possible. This is sometimes good news for seniors who have always been independent and who fear losing their autonomy simply because of a diagnosis. Make sure that you have the most updated prognosis information from your senior’s doctor.


She Hasn’t Started Wandering

If your elderly family member has already started wandering or has had experiences where she seemed to “wake up” and realize that she was somewhere other than she expected to be, that could be a problem. On the other hand, if she hasn’t experienced any wandering episodes, she may still be alright for periods of time on her own. The final answer on this might depend on some other variables.


It’s Easy for Her to Get Help

It’s important that your elderly family member always knows how to get help if she finds herself in a bad situation. That might mean that she knows which speed dial is yours on her phone or that she knows where the emergency phone number list is on her fridge. If she’s likely to reach out for help as soon as she needs it, she may be okay to be alone a little bit.


She Still Understands What Makes a Situation Hazardous

When you know for certain that your elderly family member still recognizes what makes a situation dangerous for her, that’s a big part of whether you can leave her on her own still or not. Her safety is the biggest consideration with this question and knowing that she understands and responds appropriately toward safety concerns can go a very long way toward putting your mind at ease.


She’s Not Easily Confused

Many people with dementia get easily flustered or confused when things go a little bit wrong. If that’s your senior, then it might not be a good idea for her to be on her own, even a little bit. In that setting, she can make decisions that quickly lead to dangerous situations and that’s not a good thing at all.

This isn’t an easy call to make. Your senior’s doctor is going to be instrumental in helping you to determine whether your senior is okay at all on her own or not. Elderly care providers who stop in on an agreed-upon schedule can help your senior to hang onto some of her autonomy while still giving you peace of mind.


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