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How Senior Home Care Helps Visually Impaired Seniors

Senior Home Care in Oregon City

It is possible for seniors who are blind to age in place at home, but they may need senior home care to thrive at home. October is Blindness Awareness Month, and it’s an excellent time for families with senior parents to learn about the benefits of senior home care for seniors with vision impairment. 

Nearly 50% of the people who are blind are over the age of 50. As seniors age, common eye diseases and conditions that affect seniors, like cataracts, can cause blindness or severe vision impairment. But seniors can continue to live in the home where they want to be, even with blindness or vision impairment, if they have senior home care.

With senior home care, your senior parent can get the benefits of staying in a home that is familiar to them and where their happy memories are. Some of the things that senior home care can do for seniors with vision impairment are:

Cleaning And Housework

Senior home care can help ensure your senior loved one has a clean and sanitary home. They can clean the bathrooms, take out the trash, do the laundry, dust, vacuum, and take care of other household chores like cooking and cleaning up the dishes. You can be sure your senior loved one’s home will be clean if they have senior home care. 

Making The Home Safe

Seniors with vision impairment may need help to ensure their homes are safe. A home care provider can remove clutter from the room. There will be no cords and area rugs trip hazards. They will also help your senior loved one get from room to room. They will even place the furniture in ways that make it easy for your senior loved one to get around. There is a much lower chance that your senior parent will suffer from a fall. Which protects them from becoming injured at home. 

If there is an emergency, there’s a greater chance that your senior loved one will get out safely. 

Helping With Shopping and Errands

Shopping and errands can be difficult for seniors with vision impairment. Getting around can be challenging because they must rely on a ride-share service or taxi. But with senior home care, shopping and running errands are much more manageable. Your senior loved one will have a dedicated companion taking them to the store. They may also go shopping to get the things they need. 

Providing Companionship 

One of the most important things a home care provider does is provide companionship and conversation. Seniors who are vision impaired can be very lonely when they are aging in place. Having someone to talk with and laugh with during the day can help improve your senior loved one’s mental health. Likewise, it will keep them safe at home. 

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