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How Skilled Nursing at Home Helps Seniors Manage Chronic Conditions

Chronic Conditions: Skilled Nursing Wilsonville OR

Seniors are prone to developing chronic conditions as they get older. Having chronic health problems like Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, kidney disease, COPD, ALS, Alzheimer’s or diabetes can make getting medical care difficult for seniors. It’s much easier for seniors to get the help the need managing these conditions with skilled nursing care at home. With skilled nursing care at home, seniors are able to avoid the pain and hassle of having to go to the doctor’s office or a hospital to have medical tests done. All of the care that a senior needs to manage most chronic conditions can be done at home with skilled nursing.

Focus On Diet

Diet can be a key element of managing chronic conditions. Eating an anti-inflammatory diet and cooking healthy meals can be a big help for seniors that have conditions like Fibromyalgia or diabetes. Seniors can get home care to help them prepare healthy meals, shop for healthy food, and clean up after meals.

With good meal prep, a focus on eating mostly fresh foods, and paying attention to how different foods impact their condition seniors can manage some chronic conditions very well at home.

Manage Medications Carefully

Medications are part of life for almost all seniors. They are even more important for seniors who have to manage chronic conditions. It’s very important for seniors with chronic conditions to check their medications and track them carefully. Often the medications that are prescribed for chronic conditions have side effects that could be bad enough that they cause their own set of health problems.

Seniors need to be able to track any changes in their health that are related to the medications they take and watch for potential interactions. Skilled nursing at home can help seniors manage and track their medications.

Reduce Stress

Keeping stress levels low can also impact a senior’s chronic health conditions. Being in pain constantly and having serious health problems causes a lot of stress. Stress can lead to things like heart disease and high cholesterol. Seniors should be actively trying to reduce their stress so that they aren’t further damaging their health.

Meditation, breathing exercises, and other techniques that can reduce stress can help seniors get rid of some of their stress. So can exercise. Daily walking or light exercise can help seniors sleep better as well as get rid of stress.

Get Medical Equipment Checked Regularly

Seniors that use medical equipment like supplemental oxygen tanks, CPAPS, or diabetes pumps should have those machines checked regularly. That ensures they are functioning the way they should. Seniors who have skilled nursing can have a medical professional check their equipment every time they visit. If anything isn’t working right a medical professional can fix it, or get a prescription for a new machine.

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