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Are There Apps to Help Seniors with Dementia?

Senior Care in Beaverton OR: Seniors with Dementia

14-year-old Emma Yang had been coding on computers since she was just six years old.

When her grandmother developed Alzheimer’s, Emma decided to use her skills to make communication easier for her. Emma’s grandmother lives in Hong Kong, so they spoke via phone. But, when Emma’s grandmother would ask her the same questions over and over, communicating was tough. So, Emma created an app called Timeless. It’s an app that employs facial recognition to give the person a reminder of who a person is when they receive a photograph. Also, if they are about to dial someone they’ve just spoken to, the app reminds them of that.


Emma’s app is innovative, and maybe even a little cooler since it was designed by such a young person, but it’s not the only app available to help seniors with dementia. Here are a few more apps that are designed just to help those suffering from cognitive impairment.


Grey Matters

Grey Matters is an app that allows family members to make a storybook especially for someone with dementia. The story uses family photos, music, videos, and the familiar recorded voices of people the dementia patient knows.


Dementia Digital Diary

Just as the name suggests, Dementia Digital Diary is both a clock and a diary. It tells the time, as well as letting the user know which part of the day they are in—morning, afternoon, night. It also shows the next three items on the calendar, so the dementia patient knows what to expect next. The app can be updated via an Internet connection by caregivers.


Medisafe Meds & Pills Reminder

This app helps dementia patients by reminding them when it is time to take medications. It also tells them when a prescription needs to be reordered.


Relaxing Sounds

When someone with dementia is feeling anxious or stressed, listening to soothing sounds can help. The app has several sounds available, like sounds of the forest, the sea, a campfire, bird songs, and more.

These apps are also wonderful ways to make certain aspects of the lives of people with dementia better. Another way to help someone with dementia is to hire a senior care provider to assist them. A senior care provider can help them to safely make a healthy meal or make the meal for them. They can even help the senior to eat, if necessary. Senior care providers can also keep an eye on the dementia patient so that they do not wander away from home or engage in activities that may harm them. In addition, they can provide medication reminders and reminders of upcoming appointments.

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