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Winter’s Coming – Handy Ways to Help Your Parents Cut Heating Bills

Senior Care in Oregon City OR: Cutting Senior Heating Bills

Winter is right around the corner. With two hurricanes, speculation is already high that propane, heating oil, and kerosene prices will likely rise. If this happens, can your parents afford the increased cost of keeping their house warm? Here are some handy tips for cutting heating bills.

Embrace Heat From Other Sources

When your parents take their showers, have them leave the bathroom door and spread the warm, moist air to other areas in the home. After cooking dinner, make sure they leave the oven door open to let the heat out and into the home. If they run a wood stove to keep the basement warm, leave the basement door open and move that heat upstairs.


Upgrade the System

If your parents’ heating system is old, look into replacing it with a new system. Today’s heating systems are designed to be more efficient. While it will cost money to have a new boiler or furnace installed, the savings add up quickly. Over time, the savings have paid for the new system. Financial help through state programs can help reduce the cost of installation.


Lower the Thermostat a Couple Degrees

If your mom and dad like being really warm, they can keep their thermostat down and stay warm with cozy throws. A fuzzy blanket, pair of slippers, thick socks, and warm sweater can do wonders in keeping them warm when the thermostat is set to 68 instead of 70. Just two degrees can cut bills by 6 percent according to Purdue University.


Add Insulation

If you can get into your parents’ attic, add extra insulation to prevent heat loss through the roof. You can also add insulation to basement walls and floors to keep cold air from filling the basement and working its way into the main levels of the home.



Programs like LIHEAP and weatherization programs help seniors cut heating bills. Benefits depend on your parents’ income and how much funding is available. If your parent does qualify, they’ll have some help paying for heating fuel and, perhaps, getting their home better insulated. Programs vary by state, but every state has something that may help a senior who meets income requirements.

Senior care professionals can check on your parents throughout the winter. This ensures the thermostat isn’t turned so low that pipes freeze. Your parents also enjoy having someone to cook meals, help with light housework, and drive your parents to area stores and businesses. Learn more about senior care services by calling an agency today.


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