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Low-Energy Dogs That Suit Older Adults With Mobility Issues

Senior Care in King City OR: Low-Energy Dogs

Your dad has a harder time getting around.

He wants a dog for companionship, but he’s worried about caring for one. He needs a dog that doesn’t need to go on long walks and is okay with playing in a smaller yard or the house. What are dog breeds that don’t require a lot of maintenance?

Basset Hound

Basset hounds are pretty low-key dogs with short legs and a lot of patience. The dogs aren’t fast runners, but they have a lot of endurance if they catch a scent and aren’t trained to “come” or “heel.” Obedience training is a must. Daily walks at a reasonable pace are enough exercise for this breed.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The King Charles spaniel stands just over a foot high, so it’s not a large dog. It’s a breed that will go for a walk each day, but if your dad isn’t up to one, it’s just as happy spending time in his lap or chasing toys around the house.


Providing your dad doesn’t mind working on obedience training, a chihuahua may be the right choice. They tend to try to be the top dog in a house, so he needs to assert his dominance as the master. Beyond that, these tiny dogs love being lapdogs and taking slow walks around a yard or neighborhood.


Does your dad want a larger dog? Mastiffs can weigh up to 200 pounds and stand around 30 inches high at the shoulder. They don’t need more than a short daily walk and games of fetch in the yard. Most mastiffs won’t tolerate long walks, which can make them a great choice for an older adult with mobility issues.


The wrinkly little pug is a toy breed that is incredibly friendly and loving. Daily walks and playtime in the yard or house suit this little dog. They don’t love hot weather, so your dad needs to use care on hot summer days. One other benefit is that they are easier to train than some other breeds.

A dog can make a difference in your dad’s life, but so can caregivers. Caregivers can help him with daily activities like personal care and grooming, ambulation, and meal preparation. On appointment days, have caregivers drive your dad to and from the medical center.

Best of all, caregivers provide the companionship your dad wants. They can even help him walk his dog if he decides he wants a dog, too. He’ll appreciate the help, and you’ll appreciate knowing he’s happy and safe.


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