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How Do You Help a Senior Who Has Multiple Health Issues?

Senior Care in Tualatin OR: Multiple Health Issues

About 8 out of every 10 senior men and women have one chronic illness.

Almost 77 percent have two or more chronic illnesses. The most common are cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. In addition to the chronic illnesses, 90 percent of people 55 or older have a higher risk of high blood pressure.


When a parent has multiple health issues, they will need help managing their home and daily activities. Some care services can help lower the risk of developing more serious health conditions. Elderly care services ensure they have the help they need to stay healthy and live independently in the family home.


Talk Openly About Elderly Care Not Having to be Permanent

Your mom or dad may not relish the idea of having a caregiver. Talk openly to them about why it’s important to you and to them. Your parent may be embarrassed to admit help is needed. Make sure your mom or dad knows that it’s not a sign of weakness or permanent change. If the help leads to improved health, the elderly care services that are needed may be reduced.


Meet Your Parent’s Medical Team

Ask if you can sit in on your mom or dad’s next medical appointment. You may have questions about the changes your parent needs to make to stay or get healthy. Your parent also may feel more comfortable with you there. Discuss dietary measures your parent should take to slow or stop the progression of any health issues.


Create a List of Services That Will Help

The services your parent needs will depend on the health issues that are present. If your parent has been diagnosed with heart disease and high blood pressure, diet and exercise are critical. Your mom or dad will need to take medications each day.

If your dad has cancer, there will be multiple appointments. He may need support at the medical office. Rides to and from radiation or chemo treatments are also essential. Help with housework and laundry will also be essential.


Meet With a Home Care Agency

Let your parent meet with the home care agency, too. While you may be making the final arrangements for caregivers and their services, your parent needs to give his or her input. Let your parent ask questions, meet the caregivers, and hear about elderly care services that can help improve or stabilize the health issues your parent is dealing with.

Start learning more about the elderly care services that aid seniors who have multiple health issues. Call a home care agency to get started.

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