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Is There a Right Time to Talk about Senior Care?

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You might already know that it’s time to bring in senior care providers for your senior, but when should you talk about it with her? You don’t want to wait until the decision can’t be put off any longer, but your timing does have an impact on how well she receives the idea. The entire conversation can take quite a bit of planning on your part.

Wait for a Time When You’re Both Calm

It’s a lot easier to talk about difficult topics when both you and your senior are calm. If you broach a tough topic when you and your elderly family member are already worked up, that’s going to just exacerbate the situation. Your senior isn’t likely to really hear you and you might miss some important details from her. It’s much better to choose your timing wisely.

Avoid Choosing Right After a Close Call

One time you definitely don’t want to mention hiring senior care providers or making any other changes your senior might interpret as restrictive is after any type of close call. Your senior is going to associate what you’re saying with punishment for making a mistake or experiencing something traumatic. That’s not going to win her over to your cause.

Keep the Conversation Light, if Possible

When you are ready to talk about senior care providers, keep the conversation light. You don’t want to bring up anything scary or that is full of doom and gloom. You want to keep the topics supportive of your senior and productive. You’re trying to help her to see your point of view, not set her up to feel as if you’re being her adversary.

Focus on What Your Senior Can Do

As you talk, focus more on what your senior can do than on the skills and activities that she’s lost. This goes back to trying to keep the conversation light and positive. You want to remind her that you know she’s got this, but that with a little bit of help, she could be doing even better. This can be a bit of a tricky area, but it is worth slowing down and being careful about what you’re saying to her.

This is not always an easy conversation, but you really do need to talk about senior care with your aging family member. When you find the right time, the conversation will go so much better.

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