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Home » Sleep Issues: 4 Ways To Help Your Senior Parent Sleep Better At Night

Sleep Issues: 4 Ways To Help Your Senior Parent Sleep Better At Night

Senior Health: Sleep Issues

Sleep Issues: Sleep problems like insomnia are common among all adults but seniors are even more likely than other adults to have sleep issues.

Sleep issues can be the result of normal aging, but medications, medical conditions, and conditions like depression can make even more difficult for seniors to get the rest that they need.

If your senior parent is having trouble sleeping there are some small changes that you and they can make to help them sleep better. If you have a senior parent that has medical problems like sleep apnea that require them to wear a sleep apnea mask at night having a home care provider stay the night with your senior loved one can help make sure they are getting the oxygen they need throughout the night. A home care provider can also give seniors peace of mind at night when they are likely to worry about being alone.

Other things that seniors can do to sleep better at night include:

Exercise Regularly

Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise during the day most days of the week will help seniors sleep better at night. Most doctors recommend that seniors get at least 30 minutes of physical activity four to five days per week. If your senior parent starts exercising more they should soon notice that they’re sleeping better at night.

Stick To A Bedtime

Seniors should observe a strict bedtime. Going to bed at the same time every night will reset their Circadian rhythm which controls when they feel awake and when they feel tired. After a few nights of going to bed at the same time they will start to feel sleepy at that time every night.

Make The Bedroom Comfortable

You should make sure that your senior is as comfortable as possible when they’re in bed. That might mean replacing the mattress, or adding a pull up bar or rails to make them feel more secure in bed. Comfortable sheets in natural fabrics that will breathe well will help them regulate their body temperature. And everyone loves a nice comforter and some cozy pillows. If you’re not sure what medical equipment or adaptive devices might help your senior parent as a home care provider to do an assessment of your senior parent’s bedroom to get suggestions for ways to make it more comfortable and practical for your senior loved one.

Turn Off Electronics

The blue light from electronics can keep anyone awake, especially seniors who are already prone to sleep disturbances. Make sure that your senior parent puts down the smart phone, tablet, or iPad at least an hour before bedtime to ensure that they have time to naturally start the sleep cycle before bedtime. Or have your senior loved one wear blue light blocking glasses or fix a blue light blocking filter on their computer screen. You can also set their smart phones to automatically filter out blue light after a certain time, thus having less sleep issues.


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