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Home Care Services in Beaverton OR: Senior Eating Disorders

Could Your Dad Have an Eating Disorder?

Home Care Services in Beaverton OR: People don’t tend to think of senior citizens as being a prime age for eating disorders. The truth is many seniors, including senior males, do have eating disorders. Could your dad be one of them?

Caregiver in Hillsboro OR: Small Cell Lung Cancer

What is Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer?

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Caregiver in Hillsboro OR: Lung cancer occurs when cells in the lungs change and start to grow rapidly and abnormally. As the cells continue to grow, they create a tumor.

Elderly Care in Beaverton OR: Parkinson's Risk Factors

What are the Risk Factors for Parkinson’s Disease?

Elderly Care in Beaverton OR: Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a complicated progressive disease whose causes are not well understood. When a person has PD, their movement is affected. Early on, they might experience symptoms like tremors in the hand, or a face that shows little expression.