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Elderly Care in King City OR: Senior Driving

How Can I Convince My Aging Relative to Stop Driving?

Elderly Care in King City OR: For most adults, driving represents freedom and mobility. However, too many elderly people reach the point where they are no longer safe drivers, due to a number of physical or mental factors.

Caregiver in Tigard OR: Caregiver Thriving

Tips for Thriving as a Caregiver

Caregiver in Tigard OR: While it might sometimes seem as though it’s not possible to have your own life or to enjoy what you’re doing and still be a caregiver, it’s entirely possible. You can thrive while taking care of your aging adult, even if her needs are demanding.

Caregiver in Wilsonville OR: What Causes Ulcers?

What Causes Ulcers?

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Caregiver in Wilsonville OR: Maria noticed that her elderly father, Javier, had been taking a lot of heartburn tablets. When she asked him about it, he said that he thought he just had heartburn, but admitted that it was painful.

Home Care Services in Beaverton OR: Senior Eating Disorders

Could Your Dad Have an Eating Disorder?

Home Care Services in Beaverton OR: People don’t tend to think of senior citizens as being a prime age for eating disorders. The truth is many seniors, including senior males, do have eating disorders. Could your dad be one of them?

Home Health Care in King City OR: Criticism From Your Siblings

Coping with Criticism From Your Siblings Over Your Care Choices

Home Health Care in King City OR: It is never easy to hear criticism from people you care about, especially when it is about something meaningful and important in your life. Unfortunately for many family caregivers, the effort they put into caring for their aging parent becomes the focus of criticism from their siblings.

Home Care in Tualatin OR: Caregiver Feelings Check

Why Do You Feel the Way that You Feel?

Home Care in Tualatin OR: So many caregivers question the emotions that they experience on a daily basis. There are good reasons you feel the way that you feel.