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Senior Care in Beaverton OR: Seniors with Dementia

Are There Apps to Help Seniors with Dementia?

Senior Care in Beaverton OR: 14-year-old Emma Yang had been coding on computers since she was just six years old. When her grandmother developed Alzheimer’s, Emma decided to use her skills to make communication easier for her.

Elder Care in King City OR: Seniors Getting Dressed Tips

Elderly Care Focus: Getting Dressed

Elder Care in King City OR: Getting dressed is something that you do every day. It is likely that it is not even a task that you put a tremendous amount of thought into, especially if you are like most people and wear a fairly basic wardrobe when doing your daily activities such as caring for your aging parent.

Caregiver in Hillsboro OR: Small Cell Lung Cancer

What is Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer?

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Caregiver in Hillsboro OR: Lung cancer occurs when cells in the lungs change and start to grow rapidly and abnormally. As the cells continue to grow, they create a tumor.