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Awarded Best of In Home Care 2019

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Tigard – Integrity In Home Care announced today that it has received the 2019 Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice Award from Home Care Pulse. The Provider of Choice Award is granted only to the top-ranking home care providers, based on client satisfaction scores gathered by Home Care Pulse, an independent satisfaction research firm for home care

Homecare in Hillsboro OR: Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets that Make Cooking Easier

Homecare in Hillsboro OR: One of the things that many older adults struggle with is cooking. Some health conditions can make it hard to do many of the things involved in preparing a meal, like chopping vegetables and opening cans.

Caregiver in Lake Oswego OR: Arthritis Mutilans

What is Arthritis Mutilans?

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Caregiver in Lake Oswego OR: Athritis mutilans (AM) is a kind of arthritis that causes serious inflammation in the joints. It happens in people who have severe rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis.

Home Care in Portland OR: Handling Stressful Situations

How Do Caregivers Handle Stressful Situations?

Home Care in Portland OR: Caring for a parent is stressful. It’s hard for it not to be stressful. You’re balancing your personal life, work life, and parent’s needs. It’s a juggling act that leads to burnout, stress, and anxiety.

Homecare in Lake Oswego OR: Dog for Your Senior

Adopting Love with a Dog for Your Senior

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Homecare in Lake Oswego OR: Dogs are amazing companions because they love unconditionally and inspire action. However, many older dogs are overlooked by families looking for puppies.